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Research Interests

We have interests in evaluation of residual stress and damages of materials (fatigue, crack propagation, stress corrosion, etc.). Accurate and reliable predictive models are important that explain the phenomenon well for considering life cycle of mechanical/ structural products and development materials.

To reveal the mechanics, the understanding of materials in multi scale (sub nanometer to millimeter scale) is required because their characteristics due to several kinds of mechanisms in several kinds of scale.

We are developing a new research field in strength of materials by linking together macroscopic and microscopic deformation behaviors. Moreover, some new structural analysis methods have devised by our group as needed. We believe that our studies will contribute to establish safe and secure society.

-Mechanical characteristics: Plastic deformation, Workhardening, Fatigue, Crack propagation, Stress corrosion)
-Residual stress
-Metals, Metallic glasses, Surface treatment
-X-ray diffraction, Neutron diffraction
-Line profile analysis

List of peer-reviewed articles » here


    Shin-ichi OHYA, Professor

    Muneyuki IMAFUKU, Professor

    Masayoshi KUMAGAI, Lecturer My Citations

    Yoshihiko HAGIWARA, Emeritus Professor


Students in undergraduate and graduate course of Tokyo City University and majoring in Mechanical Systems Engineering can study in our laboratory.


Setagaya Campus
1-28-1 Tamazutsumi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 158-8557, Japan


Japanese government and organizasions have fellowships and financial support.
»Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)


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