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雑誌論文Journal paper

千葉雅樹, 見澤謙佑, 谷本久典, 熊谷正芳, 佐藤成男, 川又透, 鈴木茂
鉄と鋼 (2024) | Article
水野湧太, 熊谷正芳, 田邉晃弘, 新部純三
日本機械学会論文集 (2024) | Article
黒田雅利, 島崎智憲, 岩本達也, 秋田貢一, 小林祐次, 水野悠太
材料 72, 154 (2023) | Article
"Heat-induced structural changes in magnesium alloys AZ91 and AZ31 investigated by in situ synchrotron high-energy X-ray diffraction"
X. Liu, P. Xu, A. Shiro, S. Zhang, T. Shobu, E. Yukutake, K. Akita, E. Zolotoyabko, K. Liss
Journal of Materials Science 57, 21446 (2022) | Article
"Dependence of surface residual stress on the coefficient of thermal expansion for materials subjected to laser peening without coating"
Y. Sano, K. Akita
Optics & Laser Technology 156, 108528 (2022) | Article
"In situ neutron diffraction analysis of microstructural evolution-dependent stress response in austenitic stainless steel under cyclic plastic deformation"
M. Kumagai, M. Kuroda, T Matsuno, S. Harjo, K. Akita
Materials & Design 221, 110965 (2022) | Article
"Structure restoration and coarsening of nanocrystalline cementite in cold drawn pearlitic wire induced by low temperature annealing"
L. Zhou, F. Fang, M. Kumagai, E. Pickering, T. Yu, X. Zhang
Scripta Materialia 215, 114696 (2022) | Article
"Impact of Dislocation Density and Mobility on Yielding Behavior in Quenched Medium-carbon Martensitic Steel Tempered at Low Temperature"
H. Uchima, M. Kumagai, J. Shimbe, A. Tanabe, Y. Mizuno, Y. Onuki
ISIJ International 62, 998 (2022) | Article
"A modified pearlite microstructure to overcome the strength-plasticity trade-off of heavily drawn pearlitic wire"
L. Zhou, F. Fang, M. Kumagai, E. Pickering, X. Zhang
Scripta Materialia 206, 114236 (2022) | Article
新部純三, 熊谷正芳, 田邉晃弘, 水野湧太
日本機械学会論文集 87, 21-00082 (2021) | Article
"In situ diffraction characterization on microstructure evolution in austenitic stainless steel during cyclic plastic deformation and its relation to the mechanical response"
M. Kumagai, K. Akita, M. Kuroda, S. Harjo
Materials Science and Engineering: A 820, 141582 (2021) | Article
"Depth-profiling of residual stress and microstructure for austenitic stainless steel surface treated by cavitation, shot and laser peening"
M. Kumagai, M. E. Curd, H. Soyama, T. Ungár, G. Ribárik, P. J. Withers
Materials Science and Engineering: A 813, 141037 (2021) | Article
"Effect of Laser Peening on the Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Alloys Probed by Synchrotron Radiation and X-Ray Free Electron Laser"
Y. Sano, K. Masaki, K. Akita, K. Kajiwara, T. Sano
Metals 10(11), 1490 (2020) | Article
"A mechanism for inducing compressive residual stresses on a surface by laser peening without coating"
Y. Sano, K. Akita, T. Sano
Metals 10(6), 816 (2020) | Article
"Inhomogeneous strain and recrystallisation of a shot-peened Inconel 625 alloy after annealing"
M. Kumagai, K. Kimura, N. Shimada, M. Ishiwata
Materials Science and Technology 35, 1856 (2019) | Article
"Feasibility Study on Application of Synchrotron Radiation μCT Imaging to Alloy Steel for Non-Destructive Inspection of Inclusions"
Y. Shimamura, S. Matsushita, T. Fujii, K. Tohgo, K. Akita, T. Shobu, A. Shiro
Metals 9(5), 527 (2019) | Article
"Tuning strain-induced γ-to-ε martensitic transformation of biomedical Co–Cr–Mo alloys by introducing parent phase lattice defects"
K. Yamanaka, M. Mori, S. Sato, S. Tsubaki, K. Sato, M. Kumagai, M. Imafuku, T. Shobu, A. Chiba
Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 90, 523 (2019) | Article
"Convergence Behavior in Line Profile Analysis Using Convolutional Multiple Whole-Profile Software"
M. Kumagai, T. Uchida, K. Murasawa, M. Takamura, Y. Ikeda, H. Suzuki, Y. Otake, T. Hama, S. Suzuki
Materials Research Proceedings (Residual Stresses 2018 – ECRS-10) 6, 57 (2018) | Article
機械学会論文集 84, 18-00139 (2018) | Article
"Determination Approach of Dislocation Density and Crystallite Size Using a Convolutional Multiple Whole Profile Software"
K. Murasawa, M. Takamura, M. Kumagai, Y. Ikeda, H. Suzuki, Y. Otake, T. Hama, S. Suzuki
Materials Transactions 59, 1135 (2018) | Article
佐藤成男,黒田あす美,佐藤こずえ,熊谷正芳,ステファヌス ハルヨ,友田陽,齋藤洋一,轟秀和,小貫祐介,鈴木茂
鉄と鋼 104, 201 (2018) | Article
材料 67, 375 (2018) | Article
池田義雅, 高村正人, 箱山智之, 大竹 淑恵, 熊谷正芳, 鈴木裕士
鉄と鋼 104, 138 (2018) | Article
"Prospect for application of compact accelerator-based neutron source to neutron engineering diffraction"
Y. Ikeda, A. Taketani, M. Takamura, H. Sunaga, M. Kumagai, Y. Oba, Y. Otake, H. Suzuki
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, 833, 61 (2016) | Article
"Strengthening of biomedical Ni-free Co–Cr–Mo alloy by multipass “low-strain-per-pass” thermomechanical processing"
M. Mori, K. Yamanaka, S. Sato, S. Tsubaki, K. Satoh, M. Kumagai, M. Imafuku, T. Shobu, A. Chiba
Acta Biomaterialia 28, 215 (2015) | Article
"Characterization of Evolution of Microscopic Stress and Strain in High-Manganese Twinning-Induced Plasticity Steel"
S. Suzuki, K. Hotta, E. P. Kwon, S. Fujieda, K. Shinoda, M. Kumagai, K. Kajiwara, M. Sato, S. Sato
ISIJ International 55, 2158 (2015) | Article
"Residual stress analysis of cold-drawn pearlite steel wire using white synchrotron radiation"
M. Kumagai, S. Sato, S. Suzuki, M. Imafuku, H. Tashiro, S. Ohya
ISIJ International 55, 1489 (2015) | Article
"Distribution and anisotropy of dislocations in cold-drawn pearlitic steel wires analyzed using micro-beam X-ray diffraction"
S. Sato, T. Shobu, K. Sato, H. Ogawa, K. Wagatsuma, M. Kumagai, M. Imafuku, H. Tashiro, S. Suzuki
ISIJ International 55, 1432 (2015) | Article
安川 昇一, 大谷 眞一, 丹後 公一, 竹田 和也, 丹下 彰
材料 63, 655 (2014) | Article
"X-Ray Line Profile Study on Shot/Laser-Peened Stainless Steel"
M. Kumagai, K. Akita, M. Imafuku, S. Ohya
Advanced Materials Research / Proceedings of ECRS-9 996, 39 (2014) | Article
"Relaxation behavior of laser-peening residual stress under tensile loading investigated by X-ray and neutron diffraction"
K. Akita, K. Hayashi, K. Takeda, Y. Sano, H. Suzuki, A. Moriai, S. Ohya
Mechanical Engineering Journal 1, SMM0029 (2014) | Article
"Workhardening and the microstructural characteristics of shot- and laser-peened austenitic stainless steel"
M. Kumagai, K. AKita, M. Imafuku, S. Ohya
Materials Science and Engineering A 608, 21 (2014) | Article
"Microstructural Features of Cold-Rolled Carbon Steel Evaluated by X-ray Diffraction Line Profile Analysis and Their Correlation with Mechanical Properties"
M. Kumagai, M. Imafuku, S. Ohya
ISIJ International 54, 206 (2014) | Article
"X-ray diffraction study on microstructures of shot/laser-peened AISI316 stainless steel"
M. Kumagai, K. Akita, Y. Itano, M. Imafuku, S. Ohya
Journal of Nuclear Materials 443, 107 (2013) | Article
"Relationship between dislocations and residual stresses in cold-drawn pearlitic steel analyzed by energy-dispersive X-ray diffraction"
S. Sato, K. Wagatsuma, S. Suzuki, M. Kumagai, M. Imafuku, H. Tashiro, K. Kajiwara, T. Shobu
Materials Characterization 83, 152 (2013) | Article

解説記事などMiscellaneous article

<特集>材料の機械的性質に及ぼす転位の役割6 "X線・中性子を用いたラインプロファイル解析法による転位組織評価"
熊谷 正芳
まてりあ 63, 1 (2023) | Article
熊谷 正芳
材料試験技術 67, 2 (2022) | Article
"X線回折ラインプロファイル解析による微視組織評価法 3.ラインプロファイル解析の利用例"
西田 真之, 橋本 匡史, 熊谷 正芳
材料 69, 421 (2020) | Article
"X線回折ラインプロファイル解析による微視組織評価法 1.ラインプロファイル解析の概要"
熊谷 正芳, 横山 亮一
材料 69, 277 (2020) | Article
回折法による材料評価の新しい展開 "3. 中性子応力測定の新展開"
鈴木 裕士, 秋田 貢一
材料 58, 1051 (2007) | Article
新しい光源による応力評価 2. "シンクロトロン放射光による薄膜および微小部の応力測定"
英 崇夫, 秋田 貢一
材料 54, 642 (2005) | Article